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Welcome to visitors from the simplychildcare.com website

Apparently you have arrived at this page as a result of clicking a link on the simplychildcare.com website. This information here may be of interest to you.

The Simply Childcare business is run by Private Staffing Ltd, which is owned by Hasi Peto Dias.

Last time we checked, the link on the simplychildcare.com website claimed that it is hosted by JSC Solutions Ltd. This is not the case. In August 2014 Hasi Peto Dias abruptly requested that we terminate the hosting service, which I did straightaway.

I had enjoyed a "gentleman's agreement" with the previous owner of the business and we did not have any contracts drawn up, so there was nothing I could quibble about there. Hasi gave me an undertaking in writing that he would honour hosting charges up to the point when he stopped using the service, so I drew up and sent an invoice to this effect on 16-Aug-2014.

Hasi paid that final invoice after several months during which I sent many polite reminders and finally one warning that I would resort to the legal route to getting what I was owed.

Some background

The Simply Childcare business was founded by Carla Shimeld more than ten years ago. Her company website was hosted by JSC Solutions Ltd since 2003 and we had a civilised business relationship. Carla decided to sell the business around 2013, and in early 2014 she completed a sale to Hasi Peto Dias, who runs Private Staffing Limited among other companies.

During the transfer of ownership I was asked to make some changes to the email hosting. I duly did this and it resulted in a part of the website's functionality breaking. I got a complaint about this immediately.

Clearly they had not done much technical due diligence and did not know this would happen. I did not develop the website, so it was not my business to know the ins-and-outs of its design, and I was never engaged to offer technical oversight. Nevertheless, out of professional courtesy I investigated the problem and I managed to fix it for them. I think I received a thank-you for my free consultancy.

I had recommended that they engage the original developer to help them with any issues or further developments for the website. I had no particular financial interest in this, other than to ensure the smooth running of the website; it just made sense from a technical and business perspective. In my view the developer in question was very competent and would obviously be the best qualified person to work on the existing codebase. Initially Hasi thanked me for this suggestion and asked to be put in touch with the developer. However, he never did contact him and subsequently expressed some irritation that I had apparently "requested" that he use this guy.

The above was one of a few bizarre misunderstandings, which led me to conclude that Hasi Peto Dias is not an easy person to do business with. I feared that he had been less than assiduous in his acquisition of a technology-supported business and when things went wrong as a result of this, I was blamed. I would suggest this is a poor footing on which to build a business relationship. So while I am sad to have lost an interesting website business as a hosting client, I am nevertheless consoled that I no longer have to deal with this fellow.

Lack of development and out-of-date information

Amazingly, as at 01-Jan-2015, the simplychildcare.com website still features out-of-date (that is, incorrect) information on its About Us page. It still shows the details of the previous owners. This information is more than six months out of date. Of some quite noteworthy insensitivity is the fact that there is still a picture and a bio of Carla Shimeld. This lady is the owner I worked with for many years. Very sadly, she suddenly died soon after the sale of her business. The Private Staffing people know this; thus it seems woefully inconsiderate to her family that they have not updated this page appropriately.

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