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components overview

Many of the leading components have been installed on our servers to allow you to create fabulous web applications.

We do not offer support on the use of these components in your scripts. We ask that you familiarise yourself with the suppliers' manuals on how to use the components.

If you require our assistance with integrating any of these components into your ASP scripts then we can offer this service on request. Please contact us with an outline of your requirements and we will provide a cost estimate.


Script for uploading to webspace via the website without the need for FTP
For info see: http://www.aspsmart.com/aspSmartUpload

ASPUpload v3.0

Upload multiple files to webspace via your website without the need for ftp using this component
For info on how to integrate see: www.aspupload.com

ASPMail v4

AspMail allows you to send mail using the standard SMTP protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components.
The documentation can be found at: http://www.serverobjects.com/comp/Aspmail4.htm


Not entirely a component but well worth mentioning. This allows manipulation of http headers and URIs so you can have friendly URLS like /mypage.htm pointing to /somescript.asp?getpage=mypage
This helps index your dynamic pages much better in search engines.
See: http://www.isapirewrite.com/docs/#examples


The Majodio.FTP component allows you to easily FTP files and folders from within ASP
Full documentation can be found at:http://www.majodio.com/downloads/readme.htm

JMail PRO 4.4

Highly recommended commercial component for sending of emails from your website.
For info on how to integrate see: http://www.dimac.net/ and navigate to w3Jmail v 4.4

ASPJpeg 1.3

Fantastic Image manipulation features such as thumbnailing, cropping, resising etc.
For the website see: www.aspjpeg.com

ASPEmail v5

A very good component for sending emails from your website, supports HTML, CC, BCC, attached files etc.
Suppliers' website: http://www.aspemail.com

XStandard ZIP

The XStandard Zip component allows you to use ASP to Pack & Unpack files into a Zip archive, as well as List, Move & rename files within an existing archive.
Full documentation can be found at: http://www.xstandard.com


This component allows you to create PDF documents within your website applications.
See: http://www.websupergoo.com

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